Call for participation

Continuing a fruitful series of meetings, the Energy Landscapes workshop 2016 will take place in France, from June 27th to July 3rd, 2016 on the Porquerolles island, a gem of the Mediterranean sea.

Topics of  interest include but are not limited to:

  • Exploration of complex energy landscapes,
  • Modeling thermodynamics,
  • Modeling kinetics,
  • Applications to various systems, including glasses, clusters of atoms, crystalline solids, peptides and proteins, nucleic acids, large assemblies, and beyond (combinatorial optimization, ecology, etc).
  • Algorithms and software development.

The format will consist of a small number of survey talks, contributed talks, and two posters sessions, leaving ample time for discussions. Free afternoons will also contribute to exchanges.

A reservation for 50 attendees has been pre-arranged with the conference center.

If you intend to participate, please fill the following form before February 5th, 2016: click here

NB : the applicant will have to specify whether he/she wants a talk or poster.

Confirmation of participation will be communicated by February the 19th.

Frédéric Cazals / Juan Cortés / Charles H. Robert.